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Core Products  

Dispatch Manager - A  local and network based transportation routing system that manages delivery orders submitted by various electronic and manual methods. Made easy!

ShipABC and ShipXYZ - Creates shipping labels and submits delivery orders to the Dispatch Manager system from the warehouse level. Used by many large distributors.

Dispatch Assist -  Submits internet based delivery orders and provides POD reporting.

Driver Management System - Driver reporting and payment system.

Mobile Manifest - Allows drivers to sign off delivery orders and capture signatures.

Probills - Custom waybill, reporting, and consolidated waybill billing software.

Scale Software - For weighing parcels to trucks. We also developed load test-bed software.

Dove Messenger - A peer to peer encrypted email and legal file delivery system.

Notes and FAQ. Why are there no demos?

Answer:  We sell industrial software only. We do not sell retail software. Our software is customized to the needs of each specific customer. In most cases for network use. What is unique, our software can be adapted to any database such as DBISAM, MYSQL, SQLITE, MS SQL-Server, Oracle, etc. This allows data integration for customers wanting to exchange data electronically with their customers. This approach makes your system far more powerful compared to a pre-compiled package. We do have base packages that we can show you by remote presentations.

We make it easy for users. With our software, you get tools that you can use to help manage your own system, on your own site, in private, and from any location. Most of all, we do not operate with your head or data in the clouds. We take a modular approach. We can integrate departments or branches of any size as we have done with small companies to some of Canada's largest ditributors.

There are far too many options to list what we can do. We have customers that continue to use our software for more than twenty years. We would be glad to show you our products in detail after an evaluation of your needs. And that is how we make it work so you are satisfied.

Track Information Systems has developed many kinds of custom office, warehouse, transportation, and weigh scale applications since 1989.  Please inquire for any custom application needs.

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